#Operaplot 2011 Fan Art Gallery

A new part of #Operaplot 2011 is the Fan Art category. Inspired by this silliness from last year, the idea is to give people who find it easier to be more creative disciplines other than the mini written word. You can use your own #operaplot from this or any other year or use someone else’s as long as you credit them somewhere in the secondary work.

You could sing a plot, paint it, make a cartoon, a LOL Cat, read a few in the style of Ian McKellan…whatever suits your fancy. You can be as silly or serious as you like.

In order to accommodate the fact that most of you probably have like jobs and families and things, this part of the of contest will remain open until Tuesday April 19th at 11:59 EDT, so you can take advantage of spare weekend time. [That’s 5am Weds morning in the UK and 2pm Weds aft in Sydney]

The Fan Art we like the best will receive of one either a CD/DVD or signed Joyce DiDonato t-shirt.

If you’ve made one but you don’t see it, leave a link in the comments. Click any image to embiggen.

Dr Who meets the opera canon by @1and1make1

The first LOL Catz Operaplot of 2011 by @EvieBelievie

And Kanye’s thoughts on La Traviata, also by @EvieBelievie

@Operatoonity brings a bit of Snooks into the mix with this Un Ballo/SNL/Jersey Shore mashup.

Our first hand-drawn piece of #Operaplot Fan Art comes from Sydney courtesy of @Frindley. Yvonne writes, “If this Pinkerton looks rather more like a ballet dancer than an opera singer it’s because earlier this evening I allowed myself to get all weepy at the Australian Ballet’s Madame Butterfly.”


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