#Operaplot 2011: How To Win

Ok. Twitter has been abuzz this past week about *what* you could win if Eric Owens finds your #operaplot to be just the ticket. Some people have been asking *how* they could win.

Not being one to get in the way of #winning of any sort, here follows the key to taking home some #operaplot loot.

1) When the week is over, Eric Owens will choose his five favourite #operaplots and those lucky people get their choice of prize from the pool. This can be tickets, CDs, DVDs or signed T-shirts.

In previous years, runners’ up have received CD prizes. That may be also the case this year. Not to be purposely vague, but it kind of depends on how everything plays out.

2) There will be some random CD/DVD/T-shirt giveaways, so that people who are new to the contest and those of us that don’t carry a Groves Dictionary of Opera around in their head might have a chance to win something as well. These will be selected by a random number generator after the main awards are made.

3) Last year we ended up awarding prizes for things like Best Pop Culture Reference, Best Post-1950 #Operaplot. Those two categories are definitely on but others may be added based on trends we see in the entries.

Your best strategy is to plot what you’re interested in instead of trying to guess what might be a prize category. We’ll keep you up to date on Twitter if there are definite additions.

4) BRAND NEW THIS YEAR – and inspired by these gems – there will be a prize awarded for the most creative #Operaplot Fan Art.

This can be a rap, a song, bus shelter poster, artwork of some sort, LOL Cat, embroidery….the limits are your imagination and the amount of time you have to burn. If you use someone else’s #operaplot, do the right thing and credit them somewhere.

The prize will likely be a CD/DVD/signed T-shirt.

Let’s be honest, winning prizes is great but #operaplot is the most fun when you interact with your fellow #plotters. Make some friends, share some nerdcore opera jokes and dazzle us with your wit.

Remember, if you don’t enter, you can’t win! You get 25 chances, so don’t sweat it if the first few aren’t top-drawer material. You’ll get the hang of it as the week goes on.

Questions? Get in touch or pop them in the comments.
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