Operaplot 2011 Orphans Vol. 2

Here’s the second batch of #Operaplot 2011 orphans.

Just write the first three words or so and the name of the opera in the comments and please only guess on ones you are reasonably sure of.

If this is your first time commenting, don’t panic if it doesn’t appear straight away. I have to approve new commenters and will do as quickly as a I can.

If your #operaplot is here, don’t be sad. Inclusion on this list doesn’t at all mean that you’re plot isn’t good, merely that our crack team of identifiers didn’t want to consign you by accident to the wrong section.

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  1. Both “Lady looks for lover, leans on log,” and “Where is my lover?” are Schoenberg’s Erwartung.
    “Wow, that Emperor guy” I think is Clemenza di Tito, though I admit to occasionally getting entangled in all the romantic knots of that one.
    “There is a bull” – Birtwistle’s Minotaur?
    “The man is doom” Fliegende Hollaender
    “Part of your woooorrrld” Rusalka, unless there actually is a Little Mermaid opera
    “Sniffing flowers” Adriana
    “No I can’t shag you” Parsifal
    “Just another fun day” Walkueren perspective on Die Walkuere
    “I’m supposed to marry a king” Tristan und Isolde
    “Damn it, officer” Hindemith’s Cardillac?
    “Mogul mixes hi-low plotz” Ariadne auf Naxos?
    “hat, hat, look at my hat” All I can think of is Mimi’s guffietta rosa, despite lack of dancing in Boheme

    Two of mine: “One sailor lad’s a prince” is Gioconda; “A sofa’s serenaded” is Andrea Chenier.

  2. joncaves

    “War, rape, revenge …” – Adriana Mater

    “Mark, my words: …” – Tristan und Isolde?

    “A rabid anti-communist …” – Nixon in China?

    “Goldsmith’s daughter turnes …” Der Meistersinger??

    “It is an …” Il Postino

    “It’s not a bad …” Tannhauser

    “Knight errant sings …” Don Quichotte

    “Man with an armored …” Lohengrin?

    “No, I can’t shag …” Parsifal?

    “Terrorists completely ruin …” The Death of Klinghoffer

    “There is a bull…” The Minator?

    “They start the …” The End of the Affair

  3. Indybrendan


    @pitchforkmedia I met this cool old guy…Meistersinger
    A rabid anti-communist…Nixon in China
    Terrorists completely ruin…Death of Klinghoffer
    Stinker, soldier, sailor…Billy Budd

  4. Manuela Kleeman

    #operaplot a bandit, an old man, and a royal pursue a lady. The bandit dies in the end. = Ernani

    I’m supposed to marry a king, but his knight’s so hot. This is magical, but it’s totally doomed, isn’t it? = Tristan & Isolde(?)

    If you introduce a gun in the first act, it must be fired also in the first act = Forza Del Destino

    In variant #operaplot, polygamist duke almost gets what he deserves, 6th wife gets away, others just won’t go (punishment enough?). = Bluebeard’s Castle

    It is an amazing story about learning to live your dreams by performing a simple task of delivering mail to a genius of a poet = Il Postino

    Polovtsians capture a Russian. They force him to watch them dance. Eventually he escapes. = Prince Igor

    Sniffing flowers of unknown provenance may result in injury, loss of sanity, and death. = Adrianna Lecouvreur

    Swiss maid discovers 19th century precursor to the Twinkie Defense. Breaks into coloratura of disbelief when it actually WORKS = La Sonnambula

    I also think that “Violetta must be pissed off…I had a rich lover, a young boyfriend, a fling in the country…but I DIDN’T die! HAHAHAHA!!!” is Rondine and not Vanessa

  5. Lowell Liebermann

    “@pitchforkmedia I met” Meistersinger

    “#operaplot Lady looks” Erwartung

    “Be afraid” The Fly

    “Born of a woman” Before Night Falls

    “Do u know” Angels in America

    “I thought I could do better” Florentine Tragedy
    “In variant #operaplot polygamist” Bluebeard’s Castle

    “It is an amazing story” Il Postino

    “It’s not a bad life” Tannhauser

    “No, I can’t shag you” Parsifal

    “Despondent Widower” Die Tote Stadt

    “Polovstians” Prince Igor

    “There is a bull” The Minotaur

    “War Rape” Cyrano de Bergerac

  6. Sereisa

    #operaplot He killed my fiance – Fedora
    #operaplot My brother killed my mother – Iphiginie en Tauride
    #operaplot a bandit, an old man – Ernani

    Sorry I can’t help with other’s entries.. My knowledge on opera is also very limited, I think..

  7. “How come the only guy…” – Bliss
    “Old queen” – I Puritani
    “A terrible crime” – Dead Man Walking?
    “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” – Rienzi
    “In infierno” – Don Giovanni?
    “Self-referential, self-indulgent…” – Capriccio
    “She’d rather burn…” – Dido & Aeneas
    “Shipwreck, mayhem, murder…” – Batavia

  8. Matt Greenall

    In Infierno, ancora zero was indeed supposed to be Don Giovannie (as in, in spain 1003; in hell none yet)

  9. Irene Vartanoff

    “Just another fun day” is indeed Die Walkure. After the fact, I realized that “Dad’s gonna clip your wings” is a better last line. Ah, well.

  10. tastath

    Although killing my wife’s lover… Zemlinsky’s A Florentine Tragedy
    In variant operaplot… Dukas’ Ariane et Barbe-bleue
    She’d rather burn alive… Roussel’s Padmâvatî
    Despodent widower seeks… Korngold’s Die tote Stadt

  11. Supergreek

    “Tom Tom the pipers son Stole a pig and away he ran,” #disturbingNurseryrhymes #operaplot- The Turn of the Screw

  12. John

    @DameElizabeth performed it – Turn of The Screw
    Wagner Fly – The Fly
    Solider / Towers – Solider’s Story
    Flying Soprana – Angels In America
    End of Affair – End of The Affair
    High Voice Male Singers – Julius Ceaser
    True Love from Spoprana – Flying Dutchman
    All Have Biblical Names – Moby Dick
    Pregnant Wife / Idiot – Life with an Idiot
    Give Up Wife Pretend to marry dauther – Il Trionfo dell’Onore

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