#Operaplot 2011 Rules And FAQ

Ok folks – here’s what you need to do:

1) Summarize an opera in 140 characters or less. It can be any opera and exploring rep outside the top 25 is positively encouraged. At the same time, if winning a prize is important, obscurists may find their efforts don’t achieve the desired result.

2) Tweet your bite-sized bits of brilliance between 9am Monday 11th April and 11:59pm Friday 15th April EDT.

3) All entries must include the hashtag #operaplot as part of the character count. Entries without this tag are not eligible for a prize. The hashtag helps everyone follow along even if they are not following you and makes it easy for us to find your tweet.

4) The prizes include what they say they do and that’s it. If it’s not listed in the description, it’s not included. Should there be any discrepancy, what the opera house decides is final.

5) The prizes will be awarded at the sole discretion of the #operaplot judge.

6) Five winners will be chosen. Each winner will be able to choose from the prize pool in a randomly selected order. Once a prize is chosen from the pool, it is not available to the remaining winners.

7) There will be Honourable Mentions awarded for entries that didn’t win but still stood out in some way. Exactly what the categories are is yet to be determined but will be along the lines of Best Pop Culture Reference or Best Bus Shelter Advert Tag Line. There will also be some prizes awarded at random.


What if I win but don’t live near any of the houses offering tickets?
This is a distinct possibility seeing as the competition is world-wide. Miss Mussel is hoping that more houses will join existing partners during the coming week and fill in some gaps. There are also CD/DVD prizes from EMI.

May I publicize the competition?
You certainly may. Miss Mussel would be delighted for you to tell whomever you wish. The more people that play, the more fun it will be. Feel free to link back to any of the pages on this site that discuss the competition. Classical music doesn’t go viral very often and there is a very good chance for it to do so here. Your social networking will help with that.

May I organize a similar competition on my site?
Of course. There is more than enough room for on the interwebs for everyone. If your entrants would like to be considered for the prizes, you will have to either tweet them all with the #operaplot hashtag before midnight EDT on 15th April. It’s going to take a while to sort through all the entries, so having everything in one place is important.

May I enter if I’m a journalist/an opera house employee/an opera singer?
Yes. Entries will be sent to the judge without the name, so anyone who has a pulse is eligible.

I entered last time but didn’t win. Can I submit my operaplot again?
Absolutely. As long as that tweet wasn’t a winner or honourable mention you can resubmit.

May I enter more than once?
Yes. Part of the fun is working through drafts with others on Twitter. You may enter up to 25 times.

I saw a really good one in the last #operaplot competition. Can I use it this time?
No. Entries may be resubmitted but it must be done by the original submitter. Did your mother not teach you anything?

May I enter an operaplot in a language other than English?
You may enter it if you wish but you should know that most people will be entering in English .

I don’t have a Twitter account. Can I submit via email/comments/carrier pigeon?
No, you may not. Signing up for a Twitter account is extremely easy. It takes less than five minutes. If you are morally opposed to Twitter or have some sort of allergic reaction to little blue birds, then you’re S.O.L. [Warning: link is to Urban Dictionary]

Questions? Get in touch or pop them in the comments.
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