#Operaplot 2011 Winners

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold your #Operaplot 2011 Winners as chosen by Eric Owens.

[Due to a computer fail, Eric isn’t able to announce these in person, but he will be stopping in later in the week to tell you what prizes everyone has chosen]

The five winners will make their choice from the prize pool in a randomly selected order, so there’s not 1st or 2nd place as such. Same with the five runners up.

#Operaplot 2011 Winners

@otterhouse — Moses, Aaron and the 12 tones of Israel. #operaplot [Moses und Aron]

@OperaGaga — I should be able to fuck my maid. Apparently, no one else agrees. #operaplot [Le Nozze di Figaro]

@colinsamuels — @foolintheforest It’s 106 miles to Sarastro’s palace, we got a flute, some bells, it’s dark and you’re wearing feathers. Hit it. #operaplot [Die Zauberflöte]

@operaplotzRus — Long chord, mermaids, horny dwarf, gods, giants, back-room deals, castle, curtain. #operaplot [Das Rheingold]

@amndw2 — An anxiously murderous Scot/Whose wife on her hand sees a spot/Thinks fate is his friend/But falls in the end/The Bard wrote this #operaplot [MacBeth]

Winners in all the following categories get to choose choose from the EMI CD/DVD/T-shirt stash]

Please write to me with Operaplot Winner in the subject heading with your top three choices and address details to claim your prize. EMI has provided five of each prize. First come first served. (The DVDs work in all regions)

Runners Up

(chosen by Eric)
@RalphGraves — Ramades and Aida get in on the ground floor of a pyramid scheme. #operaplot RalphGraves [Aïda]

@DevonCEstes — Nixon goes to China. #minimalist #operaplot

@Sara_AdeleSop — War, followed by peace. …read the book #operaplot [War and Peace]

@SamuelSakker — Umm, why did this bitch come to northern Africa? #operaplot [L’Italienne in Algiers]

@JPatrickHanley — The fact that your boy apprentices keep dying is why we can’t have nice things. Now go take a long walk off a short pier. [Peter Grimes]

The following winners were chosen by Team #Operaplot.

Best Pop Culture Reference

@eviebelievie — Don Jose, just before you kill me, I think I should make it clear that WE WERE ON A BREAK! #operaplot [Carmen]

Best Modern #Operaplot

@djliss — Kickin’ with Caino, Sittin’ with Adam, Kickin’ with Caino, Sittin’ with Adam, It’s Friday, Friday #operaplot [Freitag aus Licht by Stockhausen, whom I’m sure would love the Rebecca Black reference]

Best Song Parody

@samneuman — I see you swimming in the Rhine with the gold I love, and I’m like, fuck you and fuck Flosshilde too . #operaplot [Das Rheingold]

Best #Operaplot Fan Art

@Yvonne Frindle for her Madama Butterfly watercolour.

Randomly Selected Winners

(#operaplots ordered by submission time and selected by random number generator.)

@jcschaos — Tenor & bass vow to give up sopranos but tenor falls in luv & almost ends up dead but is saved by the bass in this fishy jewel . #operaplot [Pearl Fishers]

@MikeGinsberg — #operaplot Il Trovatore- most imporant part- before the opera’s start- only thing we learned- baby don’t get burned [Il Travatore]

@LondonOperaMeetup — Crime of Passion on the high seas. Not a soprano in sight #operaplot [Billy Budd]

@asthiggins — Hey Meisters feeling krank (bad sausages at Stube) will give Sing School a miss today and c u on green tomorrow morn – N Vogel #operaplot [Die Meistersingers von Nurnburg]

@JennyBlue7 — Save Charles from dreams of oak tree,dad agrees with English army. All think I’ve a devilish bent, Chas believes I’m heaven sent. #operaplot [Giovanna d’Arco]

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