Beer, BBQ and Mahler

or what happens when orchestras walk the walk when it comes to appealing to young professionals. Miss Mussel has long admired (and used to participate in) the tsoundcheck program, so was quite delighted when a chance to write about it presented itself.

“Over the past 15 years, the TSO has had its crises (near-bankruptcy in 1995, labour dispute in 1999 and a unexpected conductor changeover in 2003), but is now enjoying full halls, great reviews and – most tellingly – an audience with an average age under 50.

The orchestra’s secret weapon?

Tsoundcheck. Launched a decade ago as part of an orchestra-wide effort to actively cultivate the under-35 set, tsoundcheck offers $14 tickets to nearly all of season’s concerts, organizes social events for members and performs at non-traditional times like after work and late at night.

There is no fee to join, and members can buy best-available seats online. In 2001, the TSO sold 5,700 tsoundcheck tickets. Last year, the number was 23,000.”

Read the rest and find out what other arts organizations in Canada are doing here

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