1. Yvonne

    Very curious. He skates his way through Les Barricades mistérieuses exactly as if the piece were Tic Toc Choc*. But Barricades isn’t a toccata-type piece, and by playing it that way we lose all the sensuousness of the music. Give me someone like Scott Ross, who digs in a bit and allows the music to breathe and shift colour and seduce. http://youtu.be/sf-LMHrslHw

    *Incidentally, I quite like M. Tharaud’s performance and video of Tic Toc Choc – that works.

    • Miss Mussel

      Ah, that’s quite lovely. Less sunshine and more happy contemplation on a greyish but pleasant afternoon. Here’s the embed for anyone else that cares to avail themselves.

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