Sicut cervus desiderat

It’s Holy Week, which means there is a lot of church on offer. If you’re in London, and are so inclined, there are more chances than usual to hear some less commonly performed sacred music in situ.

Tonight at the Abbey, there was candles, incense, bells and a bad ass organ. Christ was resurrected, so priests again dressed in their finest vestments, the altar redressed and the organist was let off his lead for the first time in 40 days.

The fanfare marking the exact moment of the resurrection was part Messaien fright and part small child making as much racket as possible just because he can. In any case, it, in combination with the sudden turning on of lights and ringing of bells, was a fine piece of theatre.

In the less dramatic moments, there was this on the left by Pergolesi and the right by John Taverner (the 16th-century one):

For the big party tomorrow morning, it’s Dvorak Mass in D. Bring it.

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