Cologne Christmas Markets – Music at the Dom

Every year in Cologne and most cities in Northern Europe, let’s be honest, the Christmas markets bathe the city in lovely yellow light, the happy hum of convivial chatter and the smell of sweaty hockey socks, a detail present thanks to Raclette, the great Swiss ruiner of all public atmospheres. People do seem to enjoy eating the stuff, which is both perplexing and awe-inspiring.

Cologne has several Christmas markets spread all through town, some more touristy than others. The video was taken the Dom Markt, which is, as the name suggests, right beside the Dom. In the vicinity you’ll find the Altstadt Markt, which sells wooden ornaments and Thuringia wurst of decent to excellent quality.

A few hundred metres further down the river one near the Chocolate Museum.

Going west, it’s Neumarkt, Rudolfplatz and Statgarden, the last of which is mostly locals meeting friends for a holiday drink and some fair trade craft purchasing.

Some of the neighbourhoods outside the city centre have their own markets on the weekend though these can be hit and miss. Of course, sometimes the miss turns out to be a a fabulous hit.

More updates from other markets in town through the week.

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