Day 10: Adeste Fidelis

An epic start, some interesting noodling that gets a bit lost in the wilderness, a climactic tease, a bit more noodling and then an rollicking build up to a conclusion worthy of best speakers on house-shaking volume. It’s a DB9 on the Autobahn situation. For your ears.

Adeste Fidelis always seems to attract these kinds of insanely over the top arrangements. Which is great, because if there is one that is not possible when it comes to the music of Christmas, it’s the idea of “too much.” Too often, definitely, but too much as in over-the-top or excessive, no.

And if there’s one organization that knows when to leverage theatrical momentum for maximum, it’s the Church of England. To wit:

Going to a service at the Abbey as a way to duck the entrance fee is a well-known trick by now, but there is another reason to do it if you’re ever in town.

When the choir sings, the building comes alive. The Anglican church choir sound is made for the buildings it was born in and they bring out the best in each other. Without people, the building is a shell. Without the building, the choir sounds thin and forced. Together, aided by candlelight, the poetry of the liturgy, incense and vestments, they make a wonderful mystery.

Listen to the whole OM Advent 2014 playlist here.

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