Day 18: O, du Fröliche

On the left, Diana Damrau. On the right, Anatol from Bochum who will come to your house or senior’s home and play his accordion.

Today marks two years since Miss Mussel arrived in the Deutschland. Where has the time gone? And, more importantly, why is my German still so terrible? The first Christmas Eve mass at the Kölner Dom was a -for me- hilarious exercise in phonetic singing. And crowd dynamics. Christmas Pilgrims are crazy! The Creed was a total disaster – eingeborenen, really? It seemed interminable, a phonetic Everest. Reading it again just now, it doesn’t seem so bad. So perhaps I’m making progress with the Deutsch after all.

O du Fröhliche, the carol Anatol and Diana are singing seemed easy enough to get through and had a tune grand enough to give a really good sing even if every phoneme I uttered was a technically a crime against the German language. Two years on, I still have a serious wandering vowel problem, but the consonant shape of the word is usually near to right. That is, assuming I can remember the word in the first place.

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