Day 24: Free Download from King’s

Once in Royal David’s City is traditionally the first sung at the King’s College 9 Lessons & Carols service. It builds from a single treble to full choir, organ and descant. In a home listening situation, it is at its most glorious when played at house-shaking, floor-rumbling volume. The neighbours will love it. And even if they don’t, who’s going to the call the cops because of a choir? So far, so good.

Have a listen:

And then right click on this link to download it for yourself.

Descants are the bizniss, yo.

If you wish to hear more of this kind of thing there are a literal ton of ways to accomplish this, assuming methods have mass and can therefore be quantified. Obvs.

King’s College has a Youtube channel filled with all sorts of delights. There is a brand new Favourite Carols from King’s disc out this year featuring the most popular carols from nearly 100 years of the 9 Lessons service.


You could tune in tomorrow for a sneaky peak at the Carols from King’s DVD recorded last Christmas by the BBC. It’s the whole service with readings and carols and lots of candlelight. Bis dann!

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