Day 25: Carols From King’s DVD Preview

Not only do we have a free download of Once In Royal David’s City, there is also a peak at part of the 2014 Christmas from King’s 9 Lessons & Carols service DVD. Good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people, indeed.

The 9 Lessons and Carols Service, Carols from King’s DVD 2014

To recreate the processional experience at home, hand two of the smallest-without-being-a-fire-hazard-children a candle and have them lead the guests around the house and into the dining room two by two. Surplices optional. It is rather difficult to get cranberry sauce out of white, after all.

The full service 2013 9 Lessons & Carols service is available on DVD. If you fancy branching out, or need to inject some pomp into your Christmas playlist immediatement, King’s also has a disc of the 25 most popular carols from the last 100 years of services including some of the modern successes. (A new carol is commissioned each year)

There are many places to buy and google is happy to help if none of the following are convenient for your location or format needs.

Direct from King’s: Carols from King’s 2014 DVD | Favourite Carols from King’s CD
US Amazon: DVD | CD/MP3s
US: Favourite Carols from King’s CD
CDN Amazon: DVD | CD/MP3s
CDN iTunes: Favourite Carols from King’s MP3s

And, finally. The 2014 service will be broadcast:

live on BBC Radio 4 on 24 December at 3pm (10:00 EST or 07:00 PST). The service is also broadcast at 2pm on Radio 3 on Christmas Day, and at various times on the BBC World Service.

In the United States the service is broadcast by around 300 radio stations, including American Public Media and its affiliates (Minnesota Public Radio and WNYC-New York, for example). Unfortunately there is no list of radio stations that are broadcasting the service, so it’s best to contact your local stations or check their online listings.

Oh. And Merry Christmas all! The very best to you and yours. See you at a time indeterminate between now and 5 January.

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