Night Kayaking in Riga

I was in Riga in July 2014 to cover the World Choir Games. One night, I took a break from all the singing and joined a kayak expedition. The kayaks were doubles, so I ended up being the odd person out in a group of English boys in Riga to celebrate finishing their course at a military 6th form college.

They were lovely and rowdy but polite. I asked them where they got the idea to come to Riga and suddenly the chatter faltered. My boat partner hemmed and hawed and his friends started fidgeting. If hadn’t been dark, I sure I would have seen a blush or two.

It was a lads mag, wasn’t it? (Riga has replaced Prague as a stag do hot spot.)

Nuts, as it turns out. My boat partner insisted that it was his friend’s magazine and he didn’t really read it. I was laughing so hard I could barely hear him.

It turns out they should have bought more copies. The mag folded in April.

If you fancy a kayak in Riga, Laivinieks can arrange for either a private tour with your group or you can join one of the nightly tours at 10pm. The tour is meant for beginners and starts with a short instruction session. A guide will gleefully tell you all about the things you’re seeing on the tour, including the beaver infestation.

Mobility-wise, you have to be able to get into a kayak from a dock, but there is plenty of help if you are need it or are just feeling nervous about it.

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