Hello! I’m The Omniscient Mussel. Thanks for stopping by. On this site you’ll find comment on things at least tenuously related to classical music and culture.

The OM is also the home of the #operaplot contest.

Miss Mussel has been heavily influenced by Emily Post and Sir Donald Francis Tovey and hopes to continue in the tradition of insightful commentary overlaid by razor sharp wit. Failing that, there’s a good selection of comics.

Offline, Miss Mussel’s alter ego Marcia Adair, is a freelance journalist, ghostwriter of non-fiction books and sometimes photographer living in London.

Her work appears in The Los Angeles Times, the Globe & Mail, Hemispheres and the Guardian with varying degrees of regularity. She has also appeared on and created content for CBC Radio 2.

Need a book writing? A body in Europe to cover a story? Get in touch at hello [at] theomniscientmussel [dot] com