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Day 4: Es wird scho glei dumpa

Bad Tolz, from whence hails the Tölzer Knabenchor is a small town in deepest Bavaria, about 15 km from the Austrian border. If you want to indulge all your timber-housed mountain fantasies about Germany, this is place. Pilgrimage site, spa…

Day 3: Sans Day Carol

I think I’ve posted these guys every year, but they’re so charming I can’t help myself. These gents from the Holman Climax Male Voice Choir are singing the 19th century Cornish carol with the last verse in Cornish. Bless. Hear…

Day 2: The Three Drovers

To Australia for one of my favorite seasonal rarities: comfort and joy. Jokes! It’s the Three Drovers sung by the Sydney Philharmonia Motet Choir. Listen to the whole Advent 2014 playlist here.

Day 1: Jauchzet Frohlocket, Interwebs!

“Jauchzet Frohlocket” from Bach’s Christmas Oratorio BWV 248, Part the first Performed by: Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden at Frauenkirchen, Dresden. Christian Thielemann, baton. In other words, let’s get this party started, yo. Listen to the whole Advent 2014 playlist here.