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The Clog Dance – Royal Ballet

Men in bonnets! Clogs! Slapstick! Just another night at the ballet. La fille mal gardée at the Royal Ballet to be precise. The year of its premiere, 1789, was somewhat overtaken by a little something that would later become known…

Day 10: Adeste Fidelis

An epic start, some interesting noodling that gets a bit lost in the wilderness, a climactic tease, a bit more noodling and then an rollicking build up to a conclusion worthy of best speakers on house-shaking volume. It’s a DB9…

Les Biches

Poulenc – Les Biches 1923 | Conductor: Georges Prêtre

18th-Century Sunshine

François Couperin, Les Barricades Mistérieuses as played by French pianist Alexandre Tharaud.

Aural Advent Calendar: Day 23

The penultimate installment of this year’s Advent Odyssey comes from La France (obvs) and is the song Petit Papa Noel. Papa does have his own Facebook page but details about the song are not to be found anywhere on the interwebs, making it far and away the most mysterious installment in our Advent journey.

Aural Advent Calendar: Day 20

Today’s installment is brought to you courtesy of Frere Mussel who is celebrating his birthday in La Suisse. The carol is Quelle est cette odeur agréable?, which is awkwardly translated in English versions as Where Is That Goodly Fragrance? The…