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Jackie Evancho And The Ghosts Of Angels Past

(originally posted on Culture Monster) While you’re waiting to see if Jackie Evancho makes it through to the finals on America’s Got Talent (and Miss Mussel knows you all are), feast your ears on these other pint-sized wonders. Julie Andrews…

Aural Advent Calendar: Day 16

Jingle Bells and Deck The Halls are carol-sing basics and for good reason. They’re peppy and have words that are easy remember and are nostalgic for a time none of us where alive to remember, so there aren’t any spoilsports…

Aural Advent Calendar: Day 8

Day 8 of this Adventual Odyssey is a hat tip to great arrangements. Usually, Miss Mussel loathes The 12 Days of Christmas but, as you have no doubt already discovered in the video, it’s not the tune but what you do with it that counts. Watching The Kings Singers force feed Julie Andrews beer, pfeffernüsse and kügel is entertaining no matter which way you slice it.