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Jeff Desom’s Rear Window

This is what happens when you extract all of the Rear Window film footage shot from Jimmy Stewart’s point of view, stitch together and reconstruct the pieces and place them on a single plane. The artist responsible for this installation…

Fifty People, One Question

Fifty People One Question is a project that does exactly that: asks 50 people on the street a single question. They’ve done five films so far, including “where would you like to wake up tomorrow?” and “What’s your secret?”. Here’s…

Pretty Big Dig

Miss Mussel was instantly charmed when she first saw this film at the Huntsville International Film Festival last summer. She is certain you will be too. Film by Anne Troake

The Yellow Smiley Face

or alternatively: Mère et Père v L’Ordinateur If you have grown children or are a grown child, this will be a familiar scene. Yellow Smiley Face is directed by Constantin Popescu, filmed in Romania and released in 2008